Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Extravaganza


Well guys my Christmas was amazing. So great to be around family and friends this time of year. This was my first year however where I had no certain place to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas besides home. So I had fun hanging with the husband and our dog Moose. I have never done a blog post on Christmas Gifts and I thought It would be a good way to remember what I bought for others and what was given to me. I will try to find links and post them at the end so you can go look at the products I got and gave. So I hope you enjoy :) 

I'm Starting with some of the little gifts I gave that I really like.  

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs I-Phone Cases. I LOVE THE DOG :)

Hearts Phone : Hearts Case at Amazon.Com
Red Print: Red Animal Print at
Dog Case: Dog Case at

2.  Winnie the Pooh Eeyore with Lil Friends. I gave this to my nephew and before the end of the night I seen all of my little nephews snuggling with it. 

                     Eeyore found here:

3.  My dad use to own sheep and as kids my brothers and sisters would help take care of them and go to the desert with them and ride horses and herd them to new feeding spots and so much more. So when I seen this little statue it just reminded me of the good ole' days. " A Sheep at the Wheel"

4. Dora and Friends Color Wonder & Let's Go Fishin Game :) Another Gift for Nephews/Nieces. Color Wonder is awesome and makes No marker mess(except on the coloring book)
DORA Color here:
Dora Book at

Color wonder Markers:

Mickey Color Wonder:
Toy Story Color Wonder: Toy Story Book at

5. Is a bunch of items for my husband. Starting with the Fire proof safe. I wanted a safe we could keep in our room so we can keep everyone safe that comes to our home, and also put some documents and pictures in it. I also got him Halo 4, a sonicare toothbrush, some DVD's and a Go Pro Combo Kit
                    ** Exact Safe found here(ours is perfect):
                                                         **  Halo 4:
                                        ** Sonicare Toothbrush:
                                              **  BattleShip: 
                                            ** Go Pro Wi-Fi Kit:

Okay guys moving on to some gifts I got from family & friends :)

1. Some Oakley Sunglasses, I also found some cute Coach glasses on clearance at TJ Maxx. 
**Find some Oakley's Here:

2. One of my favorites was these coffee mugs my husband gave me.. I believe from Sportsmen's Warehouse

3. So I was a little spoiled this year it seems. When my husband is home and not deployed on christmas we seem to over due it a bit and enjoy every minute. He was deployed almost seven months in 2012 but I was lucky enough to get him back the night before Thanksgiving, BUT while he was gone I didn't have a working computer so we couldn't Skype.. SO my hubby gave me an awesome gift "MacBook Air" .. YAY now we can skype when he deploys again. 
   ** MacBook Air on Amazon here:

4. Almost done just a few more items. 
So Apple TV is the bomb.. I love being able to listen to music or watch movies off my I-tunes on my big screen TV. Find it here:

My Passport for Mac is Extra storage so you can make movies and such like I plan to do Soon and not run out of space. Find it here:

Pitch Perfect & Cinderella Blu-Ray. I LOVE both shows :)
Buy Pitch Perfect here:
Buy Cinderella here:
Buy Carhartt Jacket here:

I thought I would end with a few Beauty gift items that I got and LOVED.   

1. The Mac Lipgloss gift set. All cute colors. 
2. The Smoked Eye Palette by Urban Decay. 
Buy it here:

3.  Some awesome Face Masks and Lotions to try from Lush. 

4.  My favorite Handbag I have bought in a very long time is a Juicy Couture. 

                  Find a similar Bag here:

5. I am ending with my Favorite perfume EVER. It is Chanel Eau Fraiche Eau De Spray. I have been wanting a bottle forever. You should go to the store and ask for a sample. It smells Fresh like the bottle says. Not to heavy not to sweet. It is the perfect mix.  You can buy it here on amazon(but it is cheaper in stores): ...

I wanted to let all of you know how much you mean to me. All the Christmas cards and notes I received mean so much to me, and put me in the Holiday spirit. Of course Christmas isn't all about the gifts, it is about being around the people we love and sharing stories. My next blog will be about a HUGE giveaway I am doing so stay tuned and make sure to follow me to stay in the loop :) 


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    1. Thanks Rachael! They are so great. So sturdy to because I already dropped one and didn't even get a chip.

  2. MY safe, go pro and tv are Awesome


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