Friday, August 24, 2012

My love for Harley Davidson

                                                         My love for Harley Davidson
Hey there everyone~ Today I just wanted to share my love of Harley Davidson Accessories! It is true I do not own a bike and I am sure I never will, BUT I seriously love all the Harley Decor, Accessories and ETC.
My favorite purchase at Harley Store is my ring. I have bought 3 total Harley rings in the past. Due to the fact that my hands shrink in the winter I lost two of the rings so on this third ring I made sure it was a snug fit. I have also owned hats, pens, pins, scarves, shot glasses, t-shirts, boots and etc. Harley makes quality products so they are meant to last! Make sure to check them out and see for yourself how many wonderful products they have :)

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day:)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAVE SCADDEN's Perfect Boats

                                                    DAVE SCADDEN's Perfect Boats:

Just wanted to do a quick review on some fishing pontoon boats. I won't even try to hide how wonderful these boats are. My husband and I have got so many wonderful memories out of these boats already. They move around so nicely, and the boats with out the huge metal frames can be picked up and moved by anyone over the age of 16(including They are so worth the money you spend. His policy's make it so you will Never regret buying the boat. Even if you are looking to buy one for your wife(or husband) so they can sit in the water and enjoy a little reading. I have a motor attached to mine which makes getting around SUPER easy. If I were you I would just check out the link below and see what your missing out on!
Thanks All and have a wonderful Day :)

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review!

I seen these in the store a few weeks ago and thought I would try some out. There are Many cute selections so you can easily pick out your style. In the box you can find a cuticle stick, nail file(buffer) and 16 nail strips.

So first off do not, I repeat DO NOT try to apply these if you are in a hurry. I found these to be such a pain to apply. The nail file they have in the box never seemed to work right. When I would take the nail polish off of the backing it would never pull off easily and would get so many rough edges that never seemed to file off correctly. I did however manage to use one nail strip on two different nails a couple of times so I will be able to use the Salon Effects twice instead of once. Honestly the only two reasons I would buy these again is because there are so many selections to choose from, and it is nice to have fancy nails from time to time. If you decide you want to try them out I will put a link below where you can go buy them :) 
Good luck and Happy Shopping :)

Link to store where you can buy these is below ( Beauty section Page 3)--

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