Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prime Time Smile

My teeth were looking very stained and very blah.  Zak was coming home from his deployment so I thought I would spruce them up and get a white smile. So I bought Prime Time Teeth Whitening.  I used these for a few days and was not impressed.  Its like a pen you twist to get the gel to the top and then spread it on your teeth. It seemed impossible to guess how much you were spreading on teeth & once you were finished spreading it around it felt like the whitening was no longer on my teeth. The most important part was it didn't whiten my teeth at all. So I would recommend using the strips or mouth guard type of whitening kits. Thanks for reading guys. 
                   Lots of Love

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Wingmaster Shotguns

His & Her Wingmaster Shotguns !

It all started in December when my Uncle Dan decided to gift me his gorgeous 1967 Wingmaster 20 gauge shotgun. I was taken by surprise and loved the gesture. 
So after seeing that Uncle Dan clearly loves me more, my husband was a little jealous. Ok ok so the love me more part might not be true, but after seeing my gun Zak(husband) had to get his hands on his own shotgun. So he searched Utah Gun Exchange and found someone who was willing to trade his 22 Rifle for a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. He was very happy and felt comfortable with the trade. We look forward to taking these out as soon as Zak's collar bone heals from surgery.  I love these because of the design. They are beautiful guns and I will have Zak teach me how to keep them clean. Gun safety is always the most important thing, so stay informed and make sure you are comfortable with yourself and handling guns before you go out on your own. Research what you like, and try to shoot the guns before you buy them because each gun handles differently for each person. 

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              Have a great week guys ~ Lots of Love!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wet n Wild Spring

Just quick post today.  I was out and about the other day, & was shopping in little country grocery store. I came across these two Wet & Wild nail polishes and loved the colors. I thought they would be perfect for spring.  At 2 bucks total I figured I couldn't go wrong. This polish was so easy to apply,  it hasn't chipped or cracked yet, & went on smooth.  I am excited for spring and warmer weather and these polishes just made my week. If I can find a store selling it I will post the link below :)  Thanks all. Hope you enjoy your day and weekend. Stay safe. Lots of Love..........

Wet n Wild: 218A I need a refresh-Mint color found here: Mint Megalast
Wet n Wild: 213C  On a Trip color found here:     On a Trip Megalast

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chanel Lip Gloss and Makeup Bag

I went into Nordstom during Christmas time and I came across a beauty package that Chanel had put together. Included in the pack were two colors of lip gloss, a lip definer, a sharpener and of course the cute bag.

So I had this bag in my purse for one week and had yet to use it and pulled the bag out and it looked as though I had been using it for years. It looked like it was worn and scratched up from the inside of the bag and it showed up on the outside. Parts looked scratched enough that made the bag look almost see through. So I took it back to Nordstom's and they had no problems with me returning it. Instead I exchanged it for a new bag. So far it hasn't worn like the first one did and still looks like bran new. So I might of got a mellon the first time. Anyone else buy this and have the same issue? 

So moving on to the goodies that were inside of the bag. The Lip Definer is super smooth and adds a nice punch to any color lipstick or lipgloss. The Definer color is Mordore - Nude and I would say it has a bronzy undertone to it. Lipgloss 04 is a berry type red. I found it to be the perfect red for me. It is not to bright and since it is a gloss it is easier if your needing to work up to wearing the bright red lip sticks. Lipgloss 119 has pinky-peach tone to it. It is a great nude gloss that will perfectly go on most all skin tones, and it helps makes lips look bigger then they are. So all in all if this is still available or you want to just try the lip colors then I recommend giving them a shot! 
Thanks all,   
 Lot's of Love


Friday, January 11, 2013

Michael Kors Giveaway & New Years Resolutions

So hello there everyone.. I am a little late at getting this post out, but I am so Excited about it. This is the first time I will post my resolutions for everyone to read (SCARY)....   :)

First thing I want to do is the same old thing most people want and it is to become a healthier person.

1.  I intend to eat at least one type of fruit & vegetable each day. That might not seem like a lot, but   I have been lacking on the healthy stuff lately, so I will start with baby steps so I can keep my goals.
2.  I drink So much soda each week, so I want to limit myself to 2 soda's a week.
3.  Have one day a week in which I can eat any type of food I want, and the other 6 days a week keep the food as healthy as possible.
4.  I had knee surgery end of September so I am not 100% better yet, but I want to go to the gym or workout outside 3-5 times per week to start with. I will do whatever my body allows and move up when I get stronger and start losing weight and gaining muscle.

Next thing I want to happen in 2013 is for me to be a Happy, Friendly and Sociable person.

1. I have always been super shy, so I always tried to get out of certain situations. So I want to live life completely and accept invitations and not cancel situations that make me a little nervous and shy :)
2. When meeting new people I want to always repeat there names so I never forget them
3.  If feeling down in the dumps I need to get outside, go running or call a friend to help lift me out of my funk.
4.  Smile more and keep my head up when walking around.
5.  Always look people in the eye and completely listen to what they have to say.

Last thing I want to do is be a little less technical.
1. Have one day a week where my husband and me are technology free.. Turn off everything and enjoy each others company!

Well I might come up with a few more goals for myself and I will add them later on.. NOW comes the challenge part of this blog post. I challenge you all to tell me your goals for 2013 and stick to them as best as possible. Make sure to post them in the comment section below, because I would LOVE to read all of them and reply.

Healthy Giveaway is for:   Yoga Mat, 2 People Water's (Jef from Bachelorette's company) and a Michael Kors hat(winter beanie)... 
Giveaway is International, for ages 13+ and will end once i receive 200 followers on my blog. So share as much as you can so the giveaway can end quickly. Ages 13-17 will need parents permission if they win. I just wanted to thank all of you and do a fun, healthy giveaway to show my thanks for all my followers and friends :)

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 Good Luck Everyone

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I purchased all products in my giveaway.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Butter London Style


So the other day I bought my first BUTTER London nail polish. I have thought about it time after time, but the price always made me think twice and I always put it back on the shelf. So I came across this beautiful color the other day and I could no longer resist. 

All I did to create this look was to put a undercoat  on which was 'Sally Hansen Mudslide'. It is a pinky undertone which can blend in well with your skin tone. Then I put one coat of the 'Butter London in Lovely Jubbly' on and I was ready to go. Don't forget to let it dry completely so you don't get any smudges or chips. 

This nail polish has no toluene, DBP Colour, and no formaldehyde. The polish won't ever stain your nails. So in reality it is a Great investment if you find a color you love and will use often . 
                       THANKS GUYS! Lots of Love :)

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Extravaganza


Well guys my Christmas was amazing. So great to be around family and friends this time of year. This was my first year however where I had no certain place to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas besides home. So I had fun hanging with the husband and our dog Moose. I have never done a blog post on Christmas Gifts and I thought It would be a good way to remember what I bought for others and what was given to me. I will try to find links and post them at the end so you can go look at the products I got and gave. So I hope you enjoy :) 

I'm Starting with some of the little gifts I gave that I really like.  

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs I-Phone Cases. I LOVE THE DOG :)

Hearts Phone : Hearts Case at Amazon.Com
Red Print: Red Animal Print at
Dog Case: Dog Case at

2.  Winnie the Pooh Eeyore with Lil Friends. I gave this to my nephew and before the end of the night I seen all of my little nephews snuggling with it. 

                     Eeyore found here:

3.  My dad use to own sheep and as kids my brothers and sisters would help take care of them and go to the desert with them and ride horses and herd them to new feeding spots and so much more. So when I seen this little statue it just reminded me of the good ole' days. " A Sheep at the Wheel"

4. Dora and Friends Color Wonder & Let's Go Fishin Game :) Another Gift for Nephews/Nieces. Color Wonder is awesome and makes No marker mess(except on the coloring book)
DORA Color here:
Dora Book at

Color wonder Markers:

Mickey Color Wonder:
Toy Story Color Wonder: Toy Story Book at

5. Is a bunch of items for my husband. Starting with the Fire proof safe. I wanted a safe we could keep in our room so we can keep everyone safe that comes to our home, and also put some documents and pictures in it. I also got him Halo 4, a sonicare toothbrush, some DVD's and a Go Pro Combo Kit
                    ** Exact Safe found here(ours is perfect):
                                                         **  Halo 4:
                                        ** Sonicare Toothbrush:
                                              **  BattleShip: 
                                            ** Go Pro Wi-Fi Kit:

Okay guys moving on to some gifts I got from family & friends :)

1. Some Oakley Sunglasses, I also found some cute Coach glasses on clearance at TJ Maxx. 
**Find some Oakley's Here:

2. One of my favorites was these coffee mugs my husband gave me.. I believe from Sportsmen's Warehouse

3. So I was a little spoiled this year it seems. When my husband is home and not deployed on christmas we seem to over due it a bit and enjoy every minute. He was deployed almost seven months in 2012 but I was lucky enough to get him back the night before Thanksgiving, BUT while he was gone I didn't have a working computer so we couldn't Skype.. SO my hubby gave me an awesome gift "MacBook Air" .. YAY now we can skype when he deploys again. 
   ** MacBook Air on Amazon here:

4. Almost done just a few more items. 
So Apple TV is the bomb.. I love being able to listen to music or watch movies off my I-tunes on my big screen TV. Find it here:

My Passport for Mac is Extra storage so you can make movies and such like I plan to do Soon and not run out of space. Find it here:

Pitch Perfect & Cinderella Blu-Ray. I LOVE both shows :)
Buy Pitch Perfect here:
Buy Cinderella here:
Buy Carhartt Jacket here:

I thought I would end with a few Beauty gift items that I got and LOVED.   

1. The Mac Lipgloss gift set. All cute colors. 
2. The Smoked Eye Palette by Urban Decay. 
Buy it here:

3.  Some awesome Face Masks and Lotions to try from Lush. 

4.  My favorite Handbag I have bought in a very long time is a Juicy Couture. 

                  Find a similar Bag here:

5. I am ending with my Favorite perfume EVER. It is Chanel Eau Fraiche Eau De Spray. I have been wanting a bottle forever. You should go to the store and ask for a sample. It smells Fresh like the bottle says. Not to heavy not to sweet. It is the perfect mix.  You can buy it here on amazon(but it is cheaper in stores): ...

I wanted to let all of you know how much you mean to me. All the Christmas cards and notes I received mean so much to me, and put me in the Holiday spirit. Of course Christmas isn't all about the gifts, it is about being around the people we love and sharing stories. My next blog will be about a HUGE giveaway I am doing so stay tuned and make sure to follow me to stay in the loop :) 


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