Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chloe + Isabel

A quick post on a Jewelry line I just discovered. Ok so I might be a little slow on finding this place, but hey I got there eventually. My friend Danica sells this line on her online boutique site (Click Here to check it out).  I was so excited that she was able to ship to an APO address.
When I opened the box I was surprised by the way the Jewelry came. It was wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker of guarantee. Then each item was in its own burlap style bags with a cute bird cut out attached.
After seeing how cute they came I was already in love (I am a sucker for cute packages). My favorite bracelet I have bought in a long time came in this cute bag. It is called Crystal Bow & it has a leather double wrist wrap. It is so cute on. Beware it runs a bit small, so if you have bigger wrists it will be tight on.
Look at the cute little birds on the back :)

I also bought a cute little ring, called the Pearl Fly Ring. It is adorable!

I am very happy with my order. The jewelry isn't cheap, but its not overly priced because the quality is great.  Thanks Danica :)

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Much Love,
Brianna Babbles

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Friday, March 21, 2014

San Marino

Well guys its time to talk about the rest of my trip to Parma, Italy & our quick trip to the small European Country of San Marino.        

        (If you want to see day 1 & part of day 2 on our adventures in Parma, then click here:  Parma Day 1 & 2 ..)

After the awesome day of touring beautiful Parma we took off to meet Craig at his work, and get a tour  of his plant, and how jobs work in Italy. It is called Terex Port Solutions. Check out there webpage because you wouldn't believe what they put together there.    It is located in Lentigione, Italy.  

   We left, went for a ride to see some amazing homes. I love love Italian style homes, especially ones that look like you are in Tuscany. We then took a walk down by a river because Zak wanted to check out the local fishing habits :)  It was beautiful, and I can only imagine how pretty it would be in summertime. I hope to go back for a walk there in the summer. 
After we got back to the Hotel we met up with Craig and one of his co-workers and went to find a place to eat. Fun fact about Parma is that most restaurants don't even open until 7:30 PM or so. We went to a restaurant called "Trattoria Corrieri", and I will never forget it, because the food I had was so amazing, and the best I have eaten since moving to Europe.  We had fried pocket bread & you put meat and cheese into the center of it. Not just any cheese either, no it was chunks of authentic 'Parma' cheese.   I can't even explain to you the rest of my meal. It was a type of cream filled noodle in a broth soup. Zak had some pasta that looked like green beans, but it was delicious. I also don't drink often, but I had a red wine that was so amazing. I normally go for whites, or sweet wine but the red complemented our meal. I really recommend trying this place out if you are ever in the area.
                                          **Link to there website is right here: Trattoria Corrieri
                                          **Link to there Facebook is right here: Trattoria Facebook


So we went back to our hotels happy and ready to rest for our trip to San Marino the next morning. So if you know me, then you realize I got up a little grumpy because I love to sleep in. We went down for breakfast and I tried my first cappuccino ever. With a lot of sugar added it was good;) We were ready now for our trip. It was only a couple hour drive there and I loved to see the beautiful homes along the way. It is just so extraordinary being able to see places which you never dreamed you'd see.  Once in town it was a bendy journey to the top, but something we wouldn't change. They have a tram ride before you start to go up, but we decide to drive & go for a hike to the castles instead. There are 3 castles at the top that we went to and they were awesome. The views however is what takes the cake.
Beautiful View
Believe these were the names of the different castles ! ( I hope)
Stunning little Church inside the Castle walls.
These drawing were said to be left by prisoners that stayed there.
This is just breath taking

San Marino was such a lovely little town. We ate lunch in there shopping district, then headed home. Zak & I went home with some goodies, and great memories & I can't wait to go back to Italy again in April. See you soon

Much Love,
Brianna :)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Trip to Parma, Italy

Well Ladies & Gents it has been awhile yet again. I have yet to improve my weight situation since my last post, but that is a story for a different day. This post is about the adventures on our first trip since moving to Stuttgart, Germany. We will be here for at least 3 years and it has all been quite the culture shock, but I have finally started to get a few things down. I can drive around a bit (with GPS of course), and there are a few local thrift/ second hand & antique shops I dare to go in on my own. I still have yet to learn the language but I am hoping to take classes soon.

Not long after arriving we planned a trip to go see Zak's dad who works in Parma, Italy on occasion.  We headed out January 9th for a drive to Parma. It took about 6 hours to get there and we passed some awesome places along the way, including Switzerland. I plan to visit there sometime and will have more pictures for you, but for now here is a couple things we passed by.

After paying for a lot of toll roads driving through Italy, we finally arrived in Parma. We drove to the hotel Zak's dad got for us. It was called Hotel Farnese. They had such awesome people working there and they were more then willing to help out in anyway possible. They have a good Restaurant there and a killer breakfast. Here is a link to there Facebook & Website so you can check them out. 
Hotel Farnese Facebook: BWHotelFarneseParma
Hotel Farnese Website: INC Hotels BWFarneseParma

We decided to chill out after the drive and walk the dog. Meaning Zak walked the dog & I took a nap :)
When Craig arrived we went and did a little shopping and ate some killer pizza. I can't remember the name of the Restaurant but I will check it out when we go there again in a month. The next day Craig(Dad) had to work so we went to downtown Parma & did some sight seeing. There are so many beautiful places, statues, churches and etc. Majority of them I couldn't read the meanings or writing, but we still enjoyed the culture.
Just thought the brick of this Castle was beautiful
Palazzo della Pilotta
Just thought this was Beautiful
Monument of Verdi , music & celebration
Not sure what was going on here ;) Think it was to do with the Arts & Culture event going on while we were there
Inside of Baptistery and or Church
Inside of Baptistery and or Church. Neat little door :)
Baptistery of Parma, Italy
Cathedral in Parma, Italy
Clock tower remembering all that gave lives in Military for Italy
Clock tower

Zak & I had a great day seeing all these wonderful places. Our day and night didn't end here, but this blog post does because it has gotten to be to long. I will pick up the next post with more pictures and stories of our trip. Plus the best food I have eaten since moving to Deutschland :)  So stay tuned
MUCH LOVE,  Brianna

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