Thursday, February 28, 2013

Michael Kors Red Ballet Flats

Michael Kors Ballet Flats
I have been wanting to start wearing more flats lately and when I came across this pair on the internet one day I had to have them. I was so excited for them to show up on my doorstep. I got them quickly(ordered them from Macy's) and was pleasantly surprised to see the bright red color. These go perfectly dressed up or down. With some leggings and either a loose fitting t-shirt or dress it up with a fancy shirt. I will put up an outfit of the day wearing these soon :)  

You can buy them here if interested: MK FLATS(sold out)

Would love to hear your comments. I love writing back to everyone and making new friends. Thanks all,   Lots of Love 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Aloha Hawaii

HawaiiAloha from Hawaii. I have the lucky chance to come here and chill in the warm temps thanks to my sister and her husband. We are here with two of her sweet boys and having a blast together. The flight over had its difficulties, but thankfully the boys were perfect which made things so much easier. We were able to hang out in Delta Sky Bar on our quick layover until we took our last 30 minute airplane ride to Kauai. It is so nice to go from cold smoggy Utah weather, to warm Hawaiian air. We have already gotten out a few times to play and eat some great food. Above is a fun waterfall just a few minutes away from where we stay in Kauai.
HawaiiWe also went to see another waterfall that my nephew Jett really loved. At the waterfall some locals hang there and make items out of certain types of tree leaves. They made us this CUTE bird for my nephew, and a butterfly rose for my sister and me. It is amazing seeing what they can make out of the huge leaves.


The views in Hawaii are so amazing. Every which way you turn it is something new. The ocean, waterfalls, flowers or a bird made of leaves. I will be here awhile longer so I will try to post two more times. The internet service isn't great here so sorry if it takes awhile to get back to your comments. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week & stay safe. I will be ending my Michael Kors giveaway the day I get back to make sure to enter here: MK Giveaway!(giveaway over)

Lots of Love :)

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret - Nail Dreams

I was excited to hear about the release of Nail Lacquer at Victoria Secret. I of course went to make sure I got my Valentines Chocolates there, and decided to stock up on there polish and review it for you all. 
Victoria Secret Nail Polish
Victoria Secret Nail PolishThere were a lot of colors to choose from so it took me awhile to decide on these ones. They are 2 for $15 now so I grabbed a few of them while I could. I have been looking for some light colors and natural colors and one of the colors worked perfectly for that. Tantalize blends in with my natural color. 
Victoria Secret Nail PolishVictoria Secret Nail Polish

There were a few colors that stood out to me. String Bikini is such a beautiful deep yet bright pink color. The color pops on the nails. If your a little shy about nail color being to bright then stay clear of String Bikini. As for me, I loved it. Another color that was to die for is Break The Rules. It is a glitter blue/green color. You can wear it alone, or wear it on top of a neutral color.
Victoria Secret Nail PolishNow my favorite red I have come across in a very long time is Boudoir. It looks so smooth and beautiful when you apply it and it shines after it is dry. It is a deep red with a hint of burgundy(just a hint). 

So when applying these they seemed to go on just like your average nail polish. However I have been wearing the pink(string bikini) for a few days now and it hasn't chipped yet. The Boudoir color seemed to stay wet longer so make sure it completely dries before heading out the door. 
Other then that I fully recommend going and grabbing a couple of colors to try out for yourself. Make sure to do it while it is 2 for $15. Otherwise it might not be as good of a deal. 

                                                                Lots of Love Guys :)

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

San Francisco 49ers VS Baltimore Ravens

Are you ready for some football? I Love the superbowl and the commercials of course. So Chicago Bears are my main team now(by, BUT the SF 49ers are my old favorites since I was about 10. My little Bro Garrett has always been a big fan of theres so I just followed along with him. So question is who do you think will win and what do you believe the score will be? I already Tweeted my prediction here:  Twitter Superbowl Prediction!
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Selling a wardrobe is Hard hard work :(

    Kenneth Cole Sunglasses>>>

Ok so I am cleaning out my closet. I absolutely HATE having to get rid of cute things, but I need to make some room and organize my life a little more. I have places I like to donate stuff to like the Donation    
center on Hill Air Force Base, or Savors or the DI. I took a couple loads the other day and it feels nice to get that done. Sometimes I sell things when I am needing some extra cash, or when I have a hard time giving things away when I didn't use them or get much wear out of them.. Anyways just want to post some pictures of my recent giveaways or sell items because Man it is hard work to get rid of so many things I love :) :)

                          American Eagle >>>

^^^Roxy Top SO cute(haven't sold yet)


<<<^Levis Purse 

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*Air Force Ken Doll I am selling on good ole' Ebay here: 

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