Sunday, February 3, 2013

San Francisco 49ers VS Baltimore Ravens

Are you ready for some football? I Love the superbowl and the commercials of course. So Chicago Bears are my main team now(by, BUT the SF 49ers are my old favorites since I was about 10. My little Bro Garrett has always been a big fan of theres so I just followed along with him. So question is who do you think will win and what do you believe the score will be? I already Tweeted my prediction here:  Twitter Superbowl Prediction!
Also I would love to hear your favorite commercials so tweet them and add #outdoorsgal So I can see your favorites,  or put them on my Facebook page here: Post favorite Commerical or Score guess here ..  Anyways good luck to you all and have a blast with your friends, family or whoever your with today.

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  1. BOO.. That was sad. If they would of done anything in the first half it would of been a Great game ;)

  2. That was really sad. I was rooting for the 49ers


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