Sunday, January 6, 2013

Butter London Style


So the other day I bought my first BUTTER London nail polish. I have thought about it time after time, but the price always made me think twice and I always put it back on the shelf. So I came across this beautiful color the other day and I could no longer resist. 

All I did to create this look was to put a undercoat  on which was 'Sally Hansen Mudslide'. It is a pinky undertone which can blend in well with your skin tone. Then I put one coat of the 'Butter London in Lovely Jubbly' on and I was ready to go. Don't forget to let it dry completely so you don't get any smudges or chips. 

This nail polish has no toluene, DBP Colour, and no formaldehyde. The polish won't ever stain your nails. So in reality it is a Great investment if you find a color you love and will use often . 
                       THANKS GUYS! Lots of Love :)

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  1. That nailpolish looks great!
    Love, Anna

    1. Thanks Anna.. I was very happy with how it turned out


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