Friday, August 24, 2012

My love for Harley Davidson

                                                         My love for Harley Davidson
Hey there everyone~ Today I just wanted to share my love of Harley Davidson Accessories! It is true I do not own a bike and I am sure I never will, BUT I seriously love all the Harley Decor, Accessories and ETC.
My favorite purchase at Harley Store is my ring. I have bought 3 total Harley rings in the past. Due to the fact that my hands shrink in the winter I lost two of the rings so on this third ring I made sure it was a snug fit. I have also owned hats, pens, pins, scarves, shot glasses, t-shirts, boots and etc. Harley makes quality products so they are meant to last! Make sure to check them out and see for yourself how many wonderful products they have :)

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day:)

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