Monday, December 10, 2012

People Water Review!


So after finding out about People Water a year or so ago I wanted to try it and review it. I have only had a blog for a few months now and I decided it was time to try the water. I have had the water in my fridge for 3 months. I opened it and took a swig. It went down smooth, there wasn't a bad after taste like you can get from some waters. I have always had trouble drinking enough water each day, but I believe if I have people water I could stay hydrated every single day. So the taste is nice and clean.
Besides the fact that it tastes great, I have found that People Water gives back to those in need in many ways. If you purchase a bottle of People Water the equal amount of water bought goes to someone in need. The water can be a little more pricey then the cheap brands, but if you can spare a little extra for water just think of all the help you are sending to those who don't have any clean drinking water. You can check the links below and read the entire story about People Water, or buy some cases and enjoy for a long time. I will also be giving away this 16.9 fl Oz bottle with burlap case to one lucky blog follower in an upcoming giveaway happening Soon!
Thanks,  & Stay Hydrated :)

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