Sunday, June 24, 2012

Michael Kors Watch, Women's White Horn Acetate Bracelet

Michael Kors Watch,  White Horn Acetate Bracelet
Michael Kors Women's Chronograph White Horn Acetate Watch
Hello Ladies and Men~  Today I wanted to talk about one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. It is the 'Michael Kors Women's Chronograph White Horn Acetate Bracelet(Watch) 37mm MK5625'. This watch is so much Fun.  It is high on the price scale, but it will be worth every penny with the use you get out of it. I was originally going to get a Rose Gold watch, but this White Horn is so beautiful and can go with virtually everything you wear. From total casual to formal dress. The only time I didn't wear the watch was in Disney Land, and that was just because I didn't want to lose it. I believe most of Michael Kors watches come with a warranty as well. So if you are looking for the perfect accessory that can last a lifetime then for sure check out the Michael Kors watches. I got mine at Macy's, but I have seen them at Nordstom, and Nordstrom Rack as well. Have fun shopping. (FYI Ladies, If your men like watches there are some Hot ones for guys also) 
ALMOST forgot, I will be putting a video up on YouTube soon with the watch in it and I will put a link to a place you can get the watch or take a better look at other watches like it. So go check it out and please subscribe to my blog and YouTube so I can keep you updated :)

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