Friday, July 20, 2012

Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack~

Just wanted to post quickly about an item that saved me for the Horrific hip pack I use to wear while fishing! It is the: FISHPOND GORE RANGE TECH PACK (Cottonwood)...  There is tons of off brand vests that will work great for people, but I wouldn't give up my Fishpond pack for anything. It makes fishing so much more comfortable and convenient then when using the hip packs. Maybe it is a girl thing, but those hip packs drove me Crazy! With the fishpond vest it makes it easy to get new line, fly's, chap stick, sunblock, water, or anything your heart desires. It is pricey for a vest, but in my mind it was totally worth the money. WELL totally worth the money my husband spent, since it was a gift after all :)  SO Fishpond= A+ in my mind ...
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