Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hohennagold Castle

Hohennagold Castle & trip to the Worlds tallest cathedral.  We have a family member & her friend visiting us for a couple days as they backpack through Europe. So we wanted to go to some fun places. Hubby(Zak) came up with a pretty good game plan. We drove from Stuttgart & first stop took about 1.5 hours to get there. We found a parking spot (possibly private parking spot), and headed off to climb a long steep hill. Of couse I am completely out of shape and was complaining & taking breaks every couple of minutes, but the sweat was worth it when we finally made it to the top.

'The View halfway up this hill wasn't so bad :)'

So once we hit the top I sat down on the closest thing I could find, rested/de-sweated and started taking pictures and loved looking at the Castle.

This is the beauty you first get to take in.

The castle wall still standing

Zak looking Hot & posing for me!

This Castle was built in 1100 then they made it bigger in 1153 & 1162. Lots of destruction came to this Castle with the 30 year war & in 1945 a tower was destroyed then later restored to preserve this Castle as a ruin.

Sadly this was the last picture taken at this beautiful place. We walked about 5,000 steps and was very excited to be walking downhill instead of back up. We grabbed a quick ButterBrezel in town and took off for our next destination.. So next blog will be about the tallest Cathedral in the world (yes we climbed to the top so come back soon for that)

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  1. These pictures are stunning, i loved germany when i went there! love your blog! xx

    1. Thanks :) Sorry for the 5 month delay in I haven't been around lately. Ill check your blog out now. Talk with you soon.


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