Monday, April 28, 2014

GREAT to see the Koch name representing ;)
Another first for me happened this last weekend. We went to Frühlingsfest (Spring Fest) in Stuttgart. I had no Idea what to expect. I thought it would mainly be beer tents and food, but I was mistaken. I have never been to anything quite like it. Men, Women and Kids all dressed up in there Lederhosen or Dirndls. It is the first time I was able to see everyone dressed like that. I loved it. Of course some are able to pull the outfits off better then others, but anyone who dares dress in them gets an A+ in my book. I was not ready to stroll around in a Dirndl, so I wore jeans & a t-shirt. Maybe the last year I am here. Many people don't dress up, but MANY do. This festival in Bad Canstatt, Germany is the largest spring festival in Europe. I feel very lucky to live only a few miles away from it.   It is unbelievable what they are able to set up in a couple of weeks time. Here are some of the rides & places to eat.
Rollenblitz Kasse

Stuttgart, Germany
Some of these rides go in a full circle around. WOW they looked like fun :)
Looked like a haunted house
Zak is Dying to get on the swings ;)
LOVED the Decorations of this ride / house
Awesome Ferris Wheel and Treats
Anyone want some yummy corn?
Wild Mouse

If the Video works, sorry about the camera. It was  not taking very good film :) This was just outside one of the rides. 

Moving onto the places Zak was excited about seeing ;) The Beer Tents.
This one was neat with the mug in the top right corner.
Just walking in the tent you could feel the excitement, and feel the HEAT.

The fun inside the tents :)
Hofbräu Festbier

We are going to try to find some tickets and go once more during the night time and enjoy the lights and festival fun when its not as hot out. You don't need tickets during the day time so don't sweat it if you want to go during the day. It was Free to get in. You would just pay for the rides or food you wanted to try. Thanks for reading, and make sure to come to this if you visit Germany in April/May. 
Whats your favorite food or ride at carnivals?  OH next post will be about Giveaway I am doing next week. So stay tuned and follow me on all my sites to keep updated. 

                Brianna KOCH

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