Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fasching German Style

What is Fasching? Well before moving to Germany I had never heard of this. So I thought I would try to get the word out, because it just might be worth the trip. Fastnacht / Fasching comes from the word 'fasting'. It starts a week before Ash wednesday when the 40 day of Lent begins. Here in Germany they use this time to celebrate, eat, drink, dance, and be happy. They want to be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest before lent begins.                                   

 Zak and I decided to go to the Fasching parade in Weil-der-Stadt, 
Germany. We heard all great things about this place. When we first arrived and started walking into town you got a sense of community spirit & pride. We got there 2 hours early, because I hate being late or missing things. We grabbed some pizza, explored the area and got in line because things started getting busy.
It was time 
for the celebrations to begin. Push beer & alcohol bars started cruising the parade route, and the donut stand opened up next to us so I couldn't resist trying those. People are eating, drinking, singing and visiting with family and friends in the streets and you can feel the happiness coming off of everyone. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this parade just blew my mind. Just check out the pictures and you will understand.
Yes that is a pine tree of sorts on top of my head
These masks are just amazing!
After seeing this guy on the left, I wasn't sure if I would live to see another day ;)
A fish eating Witch

Witches hanging from the tractor
Awesome train!
See what Obama is holding and You can guess what
this is about.....  (America is listening)
LOL it was funny.
Just check out the EARS

Looks like I am in TROUBLE!
They would literally grab people and run with them down the street. Or jump in buildings/homes as you can see in this picture..... I would have freaked out if it happened to me.
Happy to see this snuggly bear.

Well we have come to the end. We had an amazing time, and plan to go to more of the events next year during Fasching and I will be sure to report about it. Thanks for looking and make sure to subscribe by bloglovin', or email so I can keep you updated and continue doing what I love. Also you can find me on all the links below as well.. 


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