Saturday, April 20, 2013

Puppy Love

Baby Moose
Well a blogger and YouTuber I love to watch recently went through the loss of a dog. It really hit me so I thought I would post this so I will always be able to look back and have the memories and pictures.   My dog Moose is about 100 LBS full of pure love and socks. I will be the first to admit that growing up I was NOT a pet lover. I hated the smell, hair and having to clean up after messes when I was in
Dog MooseMiddle/High School. So when I started a relationship(with my now husband) on 1-4-10 I was able to meet 2 week old Moose and fell completely in love with the little bugger. There has been some ups and downs with him along the ways. For instance the dog hair and throw up is still a pet peeve of mine, so I try to clean up constantly. When my husband deploys Moose becomes my best friend and companion through everything. Without him around to snuggle with I am not sure what I would do. Once when Zak was deployed Moose got into something he shouldn't and got very sick. He threw up 13 times in one night and it didn't look pretty so I took him to the Vet. Come to find out he had chewed off a piece of his rubber bone and tried to swallow it. It didn't pass through his body and logged itself in his intestines(?).. He needed emergency surgery and we didn't think twice about doing it even though it cost a pretty penny. He pulled through the surgery like a champ and was feeling 100% better after a week or two. Some awesome memories are when we go camping. Moose is always so happy to be able to run around freely. Cutest part is at night he jumps in bed and gets in the middle of us to stay warm and cozy. He is very protective of me. If he thinks Zak is getting to close he will bark at Zak until
he backs off. Moose isn't very old, so we hope to make many more Awesome memories with our pal.
Dog Best Friend
"Zak Getting back from Deployment and MOOSE is so Happy to See him"
Moose Snuggling
"Moose Snuggling with my Niece"
Loving Life
Dog Cozy
"Getting Cozy on his Chair"
Running Moose
Loving to Run


Well Hope you all enjoyed a few pictures of such a cute dog :) We Love him 
Also sorry for being off the grid for awhile. I have had a lot going on in life and it has been a little stressful, so I took some time off. I should be back in the grove of things soon. MUCH LOVE
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