Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vintage Vanity

Vintage VanityHey all. Thought I would FINALLY put up a new blog post and show you some of my vintage finds :)

**Starting off with the Vintage Vanity. I was excited to come across this. It is in rough condition in a few spots, but it is so beautiful. I think I got a pretty great deal for it. I will be doing a blog post or you tube video showing how to organize bedroom/bathroom/makeup and all that jazz. 

Vintage Doll

**Next is my cute vintage doll. She normally comes in a cardboard house, but I haven't found a house yet to put her in.  I had a doll just like her when I was young, and I loved her. If I find the old pictures we took as kids with our dolls I will post later. 

Fisher Price Boat

**Time for a bath with the Vintage Fisher Price Boat. This will float in the water perfectly. I have a few of the old Little People fisher price toys, and as a child we also had the boat and It was so much fun playing with them.  

Fisher Price School Bus

**Last is the Vintage Fisher Price School Bus. Anything with a Bus reminds me of my Dad. He was a full time farmer and school bus driver so we love all toys that involve buses. The kids and driver bounce up and down as this bus goes down the road.
Fisher Price School Bus Fisher Price School Bus

Well thanks for reading guys. Sorry my posts have been rare lately. I am finally back home after long business/vacation trip, and I am getting back in the swing of things.
          Lots of Love!

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