Saturday, July 14, 2012


                                     ROSE GOLD CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES!!

I don't know about you guys,, but I am LOVING the Rose Gold fashion right now. Displayed is a few items I have purchased recently. The two bracelets are amazing and can go with most anything. I usually pair them with my watch that is in my previous blog. The shoes are from Target and have a little sparkle to them, but they are not overwhelming so I believe any age can get away with wearing them. This top from Oasis is one of my favorite purchases in a Long time. It is a tank top style with a shimmery sparkle front and a see through rose gold color back. Which you could easily add a tank underneath it to make it more wearable. I purchased this top after I seen it on YouTube by FleurDeForce. You still might be able to find it online, and they had Free shipping at the time I bought it. I will be putting up a video on YouTube that shows all my recent purchases, and I will put links below the video so you can find where to buy the items easily!
So if you guys are loving the Rose Gold like me, I would go get some fun accessories quick! Make sure to check out my YouTube also at :
ALSO my Twitter at: and subscribe to both. I will be doing alot more fishing/outdoor product reviews and How to's as soon as my husband gets back in November.
Thanks all! Have a fantastic Day ~


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  2. Hello Brianna,

    I found your blog and thought I ask you a question.

    I decided yesterday that I will start selling Pippa & Jean jewelry. That is a new company in Germany and it will work kind of like Tupperware parties. Except here the host will get discount on jewelry and/or free jewelry.

    In case you are interested check out some of the jewelry

    Since I am just starting I am still on the look out for some hosts in the Stuttgart area. I used to be a military spouse (stationed on Panzerkaserne, Schweinfurt, Fort Riley and Vilseck) and therefore I know what it means to constantly move around and find a job. So in case you are interested contact me via phone 017779797430.

    Hoping to hear from you

    Ute Mathena


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